Babe Crafted | Kristen Diaz | Vow + Vast
3:14Published on July 8, 2019
Salutations, babes! I’m so excited to introduce you to Kristen Diaz of Vow + Vast. She’s full to the brim with sass, joy, & positivity. She launched Vow + Vast in August of 2017 and is fast approaching her second anniversary. V+V is a boutique agency of virtual assistants who aspire to help make business life more efficient and productive for Solopreneurs. That’s an admirable goal I think we can all get behind. She’ll be the first to tell you about the major difference between past Kristen working for a corporation and present Kristen working for herself, and that’s the shift she’s made to value herself and self-care. Because of this shift, she’s not only experienced less panic and anxiety attacks, but she’s also been able to craft a life that allows her the ability to travel, choose (and celebrate!) her own clients, and be wholeheartedly herself. Cheers to that!