Babe Crafted | Tona Bell | The Paper Seahorse
6:19Published on February 25, 2019
Hello Boss Babes! We hope you’re having a fantastic week & are ready for a Boss Babe Feature with the amazing Tona Bell. Tona is the woman with the vision behind The Paper Seahorse, an oasis of paper, journals, letter writing, & crafting in South Tampa. She’s supportive, brilliant, & gives the best hugs. Tona opened The Paper Seahorse in October of 2015, a big departure from her previous role as Co-owner of Tricycle Studios, a marketing agency she launched with her husband over 20 years ago. Tricycle grew from a small team of a few people to 30 staff members. This took a toll on Tona’s health, and after working every Sunday for 15 years and working from illness to illness, she landed in the hospital with a bad infection. This was the catalyst for a big change she would make, where she would not only prioritize herself and health, but she’d also take a big leap and reinvent her life. Enjoy Tona’s words!