Babe Crafted | Theresa Chu-Bermudez | Get Out! Custom Travels
4:56Published on October 29, 2018
Hi! How’s it going, boss babe? Fabulously, I hope. I’ve been jonesin’ to introduce you to Theresa Chu-Bermúdez of Get Out! Custom Travels. She’s a travel planner, lover of all things Lord of the Rings, & has a true passion for her small biz. She recently came back from an epic trip to Ireland with her sister where she made homemade scones on a farm, kissed the Blarney Stone, toured the Guinness Brewery, and so much more. Knowing Theresa is an adventure, so I’m totally sure you’ll have fun hearing about how she started Get Out! & what she’s learned along the way. Enjoy her words & stay boss.