Babe Crafted | Chef Rosana Rivera
3:50Published on June 17, 2019
Hey boss babes! We’re back with a Feature of an amazing woman from the Tampa Bay community. Think of the nicest thing you could say about a person. Whatever it was, it most certainly would describe Chef Rosana Rivera– one half of the contagious smiles & cooking skills behind Xilo Street Mexican and Kōfe at The Hall on Franklin. Chef Rosana has built foodie empires with her partner in life & in the kitchen, Chef Ricardo Rivera. Rosana is 100% dedicated to her craft, her family, & being the best she can be. When I first started Babe Crafted, I needed flexible work so I could take last minute opportunities while still having steady income coming in, and Chef Rosana gave me that opportunity. The story of how Babe Crafted came to be will always include the smells of fresh empanadas coming from the kitchen and the image of a line out the door of hungry patrons ready for their avocado toast from when I worked at Piquant, the bakery & kitchen that Chef Rosana ran with her partner before launching one new & one revamped concept at The Hall in the summer of 2018. Chef Rosana has built such a strong foundation of food & business skills since starting her first catering business in 2012 and her ability to constantly add new skills to her toolkit is inspiring. You’ll love her advice, personal mantra, & a peek into the story of how she came to be where she is today. Enjoy her words & stay boss. xx -G